Many people in Germany are familiar with the traditional döner kebab, which consists of chunks of juicy meat placed inside crispy warm bread with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and lots of sauce. click here It turns out, however, that currywurst has just suffered a serious setback in the sausage-loving nation of Germany, where the majority of respondents to a recent survey stated that they actually prefer döner kebabs when it comes to fast food. click here According to a representative survey by pollsters YouGov, when given the choice between currywurst and döner, a wrap made with meat hacked from enormous slabs and devised by Turkish guest workers, about 45% of adults chose the latter. click here 37% of respondents indicated they prefer currywurst, which are diced slices of sausage, typically pig, drenched in a distinctive ketchup sauce with a curry flavour, and frequently eaten with chips. click here The two iconic fast food items that are available everywhere in the country were disliked by 15% of respondents. click here The survey revealed a distinct age gap when it came to fast food, with currywurst being preferred by most participants over the age of 55. 57% of people between the ages of 18 and 24 chose döner. click here While males still preferred currywurst by a slim margin of 43% to 42%, women also overwhelmingly preferred döner over the wrap, with 47% indicating they do so. click here The döner kebab was developed by hundreds of first and second generation foreign workers, and decades later it is still the nation's favourite snack and is continually changing. click here In total, there are roughly 18,500 kebab shops and Turkish restaurants, with Berlin having the most with about 1,600 locations. click here Even the concept of tipping can make some people anxious. How much is sufficient? How much is excessive? Should I leave a tip for a simple cup of coffee? While most of us are accustomed to leaving 15 to 20% as a tip at sit-down restaurants or adding a couple of dollars for a luxury Frappuccino at Starbucks, many would hesitate to do so at McDonald's or Burger King, or to add 20% at Chipotle or any other fast food establishment. click here With 14.95% of the votes and a total of 87 responses, Burger King came in third, and Whataburger took fourth with 11.34% of the votes and 66 total responses. Jonathan Maze, editor-in-chief of Restaurant Business, and Robert Byrne, director of consumer and industry insights at Technomic, talked about the results of a survey that revealed where customers stand on the tipping issue this week on the podcast "A Deeper Dive." It turns out that the majority of those polled were hesitant to tip at these limited service establishments: 33% believed that fast food restaurants shouldn't ask customers to tip at all; 10% admitted they didn't like it but would still tip; and 10% said they didn't mind being reminded but wouldn't tip. Less than half are still in favour of the practise.

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